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Discussion in 'Who Are You?' started by Mark Bowyer, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    An old friend of mine (we've been playing games together since the days when you had to go to an Arcade to play!) got me to give GTA Online a try a couple of months ago, to take advantage of the GTA$ 225,000 tax rebate for new players promotion. I almost gave up the first weekend as it isn't exactly the most "new player" friendly title out there.

    I'm so glad I stuck with it. Between us we've built up a good portfolio of businesses & vehicles and have had far too many late nights thanks to a terrible outbreak of "Los Santos addiction". I'm from the UK and I'm in a small crew (real small, there's just the two of us). We're both looking to find some other reliable players, who like to have fun, learn more about the game and take part in Heists.

    I'm currently filling my first Vehicle Warehouse, so I can just sell the top of the range models, Gun Running to pay for Bunker Research and equipping the bare bones MOC I bought during the recent sale. Naturally I'm doing my fair share of Sightseer/Headhunter missions in my trusty Buzzard.

    If you see me (Withnail67), please say"Hi".
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    Welcome! Glad you enjoy it!
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