San Andreas Public Safety Services RP Group [XBOX ONE]
  • Great news, SAPSS is recruiting! [XBOX ONE]

    We are a roleplay group that has three departments. Blaine County Sheriffs Office, Civilian, and Communications. We are seeking members that are at least 15 years of age, are mature, have roleplay experience, and willing to commit time to the community. If you are interested in joining, and you meet the requirements, please join the discord link below and fill the application out to be reviewed for a interview. From there you may begin your journey with us at SAPSS! Thanks for you time, hope to see you soon.
    Please note we use Discord and Zello for the radio for LEO.
  • Community Rules :

    1 ) Be mature and act seriously

    2) Make sure you Read the Community Rules

    3) No disrespecting @Admin @Founder

    4) Make sure you use the chat appropriate

    5) Don't ask promotion it will be giving.

    6)Make sure your not spamming the chat & Don't @anyone when there are busy or late pm them if needed

    7) Make Sure you are respecting others and following guide lines

    8) When your not going to be active for something make sure to put the reason why you couldn't come. (Responsible)

    9) No Cop baiting no abuse off map and No Civillan baiting

    10) @Admin abuse if caught you will be removed from the community.

    11 ) No sexual talking & harassment don't swear to many there's appoint to stop

    12) No self Promotion if caught banned and removed

    13) No double clanning if caught there will be problems.

    14 ) No fighting during roleplays or in chats take that to your pms

    15 ) If you need a @Admin @Founder Request for one

  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office