Aled Edwards
Los Santos Police Service
  • We are a role play group that just started in 2018 at the moment we do not have any members but in the next couple of weeks I hope that we will have more members.

    12+x Civilians: As a civilian you will be carrying out normal human behaviour but you can commit crimes but not too often we need quite a lot of civilians.
    2xState Patrol: As a state patrol officer you will need a lot of patience to deal with speeding and dangerous behaviour on the highways you will also respond to normal calls.
    4x Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: We need 4x officers in this departement 2x in sandy shores and 2x in paleto bay. You will be responding as a normal deputy/officer responding to domestics, disturbances and other calls also you will be patrolling the highways doing basic traffic enforcement.
    1x Air Unit (Pilot): If you are interested contact you do not need much qualifications to do this just be good at flying there is only 1 position so if you want this position contact immediately.
    2x S.W.A.T (Reserves): If you have interest being a S.W.A.T officer you have to be a police officer as well because you will be patrolling and when a major incident occurs you should be the first on scene.
    2xEMT/1xParamedic/Fire Departement: All emts/ paramedics will be trained in fire and rescue a Emergency Medical Tecnchican will be on a ambulance with another technician and a paramedic will be responding by himself in a green granger rapid response vehicle.
    1x Fire Chief: Will need to be professional and be able to co-ordinate a team.
    1x Emergency Dispatcher: Will need to know basics.
    If you want to join the team please email at
    Thank You,