GTA Gotham Knights
Crews item created by SLNightman, Oct 11, 2018
  • GTA Gotham Knights is a PS4 CREW
    40+ members and grows weekly all are welcome to join....Excepted Modded Accounts
  • Upated 10/11/2018

    Founded July 8,2018 with a new name for the crew called GTA Gotham Knights

    We have a crew PlayStation Communities Page called GTA Gotham Knights Crew Page that is just for the crew this allows you to post events and ask for help, etc. It also allows you to go to members area and send friend request to all the crew in page and find what crew members are online.

    We have many members that play GTA Online daily currently and love to help others
    We run all Ceo, MC, Heist and Missions to help others earn RP and Earn Money
    We help others with selling & presupposing goods for there business

    We host weekly or monthly Carshows and Nightclub Events
    as well and do many other fun stuff as well

    My GTA Online Rank is 347 currently as of 10/11/2018 and grows weekly
    we have several members over the 100 rank as well that love to help others

    We welcome all players from level 1 - 999
    (excepted modded accounts they will be kicked)

    Benefits for players that join GTA Gotham Knights

    • We're excepting everyone, DO NOT MOD of any kind, and follow the rest of our rules listed. Which are mostly common sense and nothing strange. Timezone, type of player, times online, all of that does not matter to us.

    • We Help others make sales and protect them to make it a safe environment for them selling stuff.

    • We enjoy helping others complete there Heists Missions Old ones and new ones better or even huge % payouts since some of use are already (legit) rich enough.

    • We all love to give advise about vehicles, etc. We own a lot, and pretty much every vehicle in-game that even matters. You may take are vehicles on a test ride before you buy and visit the many offices and business before your purchase as well.

    • Willing to give help and advise about weapons, ammo, outfits.

    • Tips on gameplay, etc

    • Advise about making money, what to buy and do and what to stay away from.

    • General tips and tricks which we picked up in the thousands of hours of game experience within GTA.

    • We hold weekly carshows and Nightclub events for members to meet new members as well as recruit new members into our crew.

    • Personal attention. It sounds weird perhaps, but being human, getting to know your members a bit, saying hi every time, send/reply to messages and show the human interaction is important to us. We don't have to be 'BFF' with all our members, but we try to give that personal touch as often as possible. People want to be felt welcome and not ignored, or just another number.

    • Are Goal is to keep a drama FREE CREW. We can have decent real life discussions, as well as lame jokes about pretty much everything. We're growing to be a true brotherhood. Looking to make your GTA gaming experience a lot of fun and entertaining.
  • Updated 10/11/2018

    40+ members and growing weekly
    My rank is 374 and grows weekly and we have other members ranking from 5 to 400+